Howard Beach, NY.
A partially sunken yacht on Hawtree Creek proves an eyesore for Howard Beach residents. Since the owner cannot be located and the boat poses no hazard to navigation, the local yacht club cannot request funds to remove it.10/07/2015
Photo by: Kimberly Avalos, NYCity News Service

Announcement: Winner of CUNY Visual Lab Photo Competition

This photo was posted to the NYCity News Service photo wire on Dec. 8, 2015.

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Where is Home?

Shot and Edited by Kimberly Avalos Produced for Univision   Antonio’s vision of home is torn between the United States, his home for more than half of his…

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The Price of Immigration

Shot and edited by Kimberly J. Avalos Published in the Lo-Down NY on March 27, 2017 2K views on the Lo-Down NY Facebook page   Ramon Vargas’ journey…

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Defending Love

LGBTQ+ activists held a Make-Out In Front of Trump Tower protest on Sunday to fight for both the rights of their community, but also the rights of all…


An Immigrant’s Journey Back Home

After an unexpectedly long stay in the U.S., an Ecuadorian immigrant prepares to return to his homeland in solitude. Story: Angel is one of many immigrant breadwinners who…


Anti-Trump Protests Erupt in NYC After Election

A series of protests erupted in the days after the country elected Donald Trumps as the 45th president of the United States. On the night of November 12,…

September 27, 2016. Jackson Heights, New York.
Rosa Grande, 17, is the first of her Mexican family to receive permanent residency. She will be the first person in her family to ever finish high school and go to college. Like many young immigrants who receive glimpses of the opportunities they can have in the United States throught their legal status, she has become very active for the rights of Dreamers and for comprehensive immigration reform.
Photo by Kimberly J. Avalos/CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Young Immigrant Is Empowered By Legal Status

Rosa Grande, 17, is the first of her Mexican family to receive permanent residency. She will be the first person in her family to ever finish high school…


Astoria Park Summer Nights

An exercise in scene-setting


Death Defying Parkour Athlete: NYC traceur with a heart condition pushes himself in high-intensity sport

While battling a heart condition that needs to be regulated every day for the rest of his life, John Dizon still pursues the high-intensity, obstacle-passing sport that is…

East Elmhurst, New York. September 17, 2016.
Calla McGarvey, 7, ran with her family at the annual "Remember Me Run" at St. Michael's Cemetery. Her mother said it is important for kids who weren't born before 9/11 to undersand what happened and to remember the people who died.
Photo by Kimberly J. Avalos.

Annual 9/11 “Remember Me Run”

  Appeared in the Times Ledger September 28, 2016

Ifrane, Morocco. July 16, 2016.
International Festival of Ifrane, Day 2. 
Photos by Tatiana Flowers/Morocco World News.

International Festival of Ifrane

The International Festival of Ifrane held a three-day concert of Moroccan artists including Latifa Raafat, Kadhim Al-Sahir, Maitre Gims, Abdelaziz Ahouzar, and Muslim, Ahmed Chaouki, and Najat Atabou in July. Many Moroccans who…


Ofra Settlement Awaits Looming Demolitions-Video

By Kimberly J. Avalos Jewish residents in the Ofra settlement in the West Bank are awaiting the demolitions of nine houses next year. While many of the homes…

Ofra Settlement Awaits Looming Demolitions

By Kimberly J. Avalos, Noah Caldwell and Zach Williams Video by Kimberly J. Avalos Ofra, West Bank — The Ofra settlement in the West Bank is now 40…


Moroccan Man Brings Jews and Muslims Together in NYC

When Moroccan Simo El Aissaoui arrived as an immigrant in the US eight years ago, he was surprised to find a divide between Muslims and Jews. In his…

July 21,2016. Atlas Mountains, Morocco.
En route to Afgou village.
Photos by: Kimberly J. Avalos/Morocco World News.

Anfgou Village & Imilchil, Morocco

July 21, 2016 En route to Anfgou Village in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco ©Kimberly J. Avalos/Morocco World News


How to Make Argan Oil


Rabat Remembers Pulse Nightclub Victims in Orlando

*Published in Morocco World News on June 16, 2016.


Millennials for Bernie Sanders


A Trailer

One Moroccan man’s attempt to bring Moroccan and Jewish communities together in NYC.

Experts Say Morocco Aims to Boost International Relevance with Tough Decision on Arab League Summit